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Investment Properties in Santa Barbara Real Estate

This page offers a list of a few of the best investment properties currently for sale in the greater Santa Barbara area and nearby communities.  Capitalization rates will be lower and gross rent multipliers higher in our area because of the low vacancy rates, consistent demand and potential for appreciation and rent increases.  Our focus here is on multi-unit residential offerings.  Please contact us regarding a more exhaustive list of properties for sale, and for commercial real estate and development opportunities.

Photo Address Price Area # Of Units Unit
Current Cap.
Market Cap.
Year Built
104-106 Chapala $2,200,000 West Beach 8 5 x 1/1,3 x 0/1 4.43   15.4   1918
6581 Trigo Road $1,200,000 Isla Vista 6 6 x 1/1 4.2   13   1973
518 Chapala A,B,C,D $1,195,000 Downtown 4 4 x 1/1 6   16.6   1915

Information above is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but not guaranteed. List prices of properties and their
market status are subject to change at anytime, and may not be reflected in the latest update to this website page.



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