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West Beach Santa Barbara
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West Beach Santa Barbara Real Estate

West Beach is Santa Barbara’s only residential area within walking distance of both the waterfront and downtown, with their many restaurants and recreation.  Most real estate here is small multi-unit properties of 2-10 units, with a couple of larger apartment complexes and several motels and inns ringing the perimeter.  There are a few small condominium associations and scattered cottage-style single family homes.  Several recent owners have nicely upgraded their properties, some using one unit as an owner’s unit, and using the other units as vacation rentals.  On the West Beach page we've included the adjacent "Funk Zone", which is the area on the map east of State Street.  Though mostly commercial and light industrial real estate, there is some new condominium development, including the 40-unit Villa Del Mar complex at Santa Barbara and Yanonali Streets. 
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